Saturday, July 31, 2010


So Pres. Obama thinks the new Chevrolet Volt is God's gift to the car-buying public, at $41k per copy. Maybe so ... time will tell.

As previously stated, I'm no economist. I have no crystal ball. But I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that, although some early adopters and very earnest (and well-off) greens will buy the Volt, the vast majority of Volt sales will be to federal and state government agencies. And I predict that those agencies will find , when the cost of recharging stations and other support (including training for technicians) is added into the whole program, the cost of their Volts over the life of the vehicle will far exceed the cost for conventionally powered vehicles of similar size and performance capability.

BTW, I'm also assuming (perhaps naively) that the government won't do something to increase the cost of ownership of conventionally powered vehicles to the extent that the Volt looks good by comparison. That's the problem when the Federal government owns an industry--they can "un-level" the playing field in a myriad of ways. And of course politicians always want to make themselves look good.

As long as we have our present political class in power, the only thing I trust the government to do is muck things up. Ringo is right!

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Recovery Summer? 

The image to the left (click to enlarge), which appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, 31 August as part of this story (might be behind a subscription firewall), is definitely worth a thousand words.

I'm no economist, but what these graphs say to me is, the recovery is anemic and might be headed for a "double dip", the stimulus didn't work, and the Administration and its allies in Congress have both made the recession worse and are killing economic recovery as a result of excessive and irresponsible debt and tax measures.

We MUST get rid of those people in November. If we don't, look at the videos of recent events in Greece--that's what our cities will look like in another year.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Arizona Injunction 

OK, I admit that I haven't read Judge Bolton's opinion, but I have read the thoughts of people who a lot more knowledgeable about federal preemption law than I am. I agree with them that it appears that Judge Bolton bent over backward, ignoring the established rules for interpreting statutes, to find a reason to enjoin enforcement of the parts of Arizona's statute that would have the most effect on persons who are in the United States illegally.

I'm thankful that Gov. Brewer will be continuing the fight. The issue needs to be settled as soon as possible.

I'm hopeful that the 9th Circuit and eventually the Supreme Court will find in favor of States' rights to defend themselves when the Feds default on their legal obligation to do so.

I'm concerned that more decisions like Judge Bolton's will give rise to vigilantism that involves a lot more than just watching the border and reporting what appears to be illegal activity to the Border Patrol.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Academic Freedom for Me, But Not For Thee 

FoxNews.com reports that a 24-year old grad student pursuing a degree in counseling has been told by her college, Augusta State U. in Georgia, that she must change her religious beliefs regarding gay, lesbian and transgendered persons or be expelled from the program, according to a lawsuit filed against the school.

Assuming the allegations of the complaint as cited in the story are true, it would seem that Augusta State is a hotbed of progressive/PC groupthink. Augusta state is presumably an entity of the government of the State of Georgia. Whatever happened to the First Amendment there?

As the parent of a high school senior who will soon be shelling out tens of thousands of dollars per year in tuition, fees, books and other college expenses, this kind of story makes me leery about sending my kid to any college, with the possible exception of Hillsdale.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silver LIning 

Well, one good thing is coming out of the Obama administration. When he runs again in 2012, unlike in 2008 Mr. Obama will have a track record to run on ... or from.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama's Speeches 

I watched the signing of the Finance Reform bill a little while ago. Sad.

What's sadder (because I weep for my country that it has chosen Mr. Obama to be President), is that every time I hear Obama speak, I am reminded of the old joke about the Three Big Lies.

For those of you who were born yesterday, the Three Big Lies are:
"This won't hurt a bit."

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."

"Of course I'll respect you in the morning." (or some variation on that theme)
How much damage can this guy, along with his allies Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the Dems in Congress, do before he's turned out of office? I don't want to find out, because I suspect that it will involve our Constitution being rendered a dead letter.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Coverage 

I realize that some people might actually care, and that the news networks need to fill airtime, but geez!

For the record, I think Ms. Lohan ought to be treated no better and no worse than Flo Schmo who works at Wal-Mart if she had behaved like Ms. Lohan. Except for the bit about segregation from the general jail population for her own safety.

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The SEC's Goldman Sachs Settlement 

Here are the first two sentences of a Washington Examiner editorial dated 20 July 2010:
It seemed a little odd last week when the Securities and Exchange Commission settled its lawsuit against Goldman Sachs within two hours of Senate passage of the Democrats' Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. After all, who could ask for a more perfect backdrop than a successful prosecution of the investment colossus of Wall Street and a prime mover in the economic crisis of 2008?

Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/Answers-needed-on-SEC_s-Goldman-deal-1001783-98789954.html#ixzz0uEeDTyQs

The piece goes on to note that the SEC action was filed on April 15 this year, which just happened to be a week before the financial reform bill was introduced in the Senate.

I think I might have had a moment when the gift of prophecy was bestowed on me. Here's what I wrote in this blog on this subject on 21 April:
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The SEC's Goldman Lawsuit

After reading a whole bunch of articles and listening to a whole bunch of news stories and commentary about the SEC's lawsuit against Goldman Sachs, I find the timing vis a vis Obama's push for financial industry reform to be too cute by half. I do not believe the disclaimers by Rahm Emanuel and others that the White House or the DNC had no prior knowledge of the SEC action. As any literate person over the age of about 15 knows, politicians lie. Especially about things that help them get what they want.

Then there are the stories about how much money Goldman's employees gave the Obama campaign, and how Obama's not going to give any of it back. There are other stories about the former Goldman employees occupying posts in the administration. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Sorry, Charlie, I just don't believe in coincidences, especially in this administration.

I have no actual evidence of collusion, of course, but I'd like to go on record with a comment about how unsurprised I will be if, after a "decent" amount of time, the SEC and Goldman reach a settlement that either lets Goldman off the hook or has them paying a face-saving (to the SEC) but immaterial (to Goldman) sum in settlement, and all will once more be right with the world.

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I'm unsurprised.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

An Observation 

It seems to me that our current political class -- at all levels and in both major parties -- is generally as incompetent and shortsighted as our political class in the late 1700s was effective and far-seeing.

Not to say that there aren't exceptions.

As a corollary, I'd say that among our current crop of "leaders," the higher a position they hold, the less statesmanlike they are.

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Unemployment Since 1995 

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for linking to this chart.

I suppose what it means to you depends on whether or not you believe in coincidence.

Just sayin'.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gen. Mattis: New CENTCOM Commander 

The Fox News Online story about this nomination makes the point that USMC General James N. Mattis said, five years ago, that "it's fun to shoot some people." The story goes on to say that Gen. Mattis was "rebuked" for making that remark.

Well, pardon me if my response to the remark is, "Big Whoop." As politically incorrect as the General might have been (and general officers must always be aware of politics), the stubborn truth is that armed forces' raison d'etre is to kill people and break things, and the Marine Corps is probably the premiere armed force in the world at doing that very thing. But also remember that Gen. Mattis is the one who popularized the slogan, "no better friend, no worse enemy."

The General's remark sounds very "Patton-ish", and I frankly feel more comfortable knowing our Marines are led by someone who thinks that way, and isn't afraid to express himself. I should think that it would be gratifying, if not exactly "fun," to shoot someone who is a declared mortal enemy of the United States and its citizens, and who would not only feel great joy at killing Americans but would brag about it and celebrate it with his comrades, and who would be regarded as a great hero by his people. (Viz. September 11, 2001-remember the ululations of the Arab women?)

As Sherman said, "War is hell," and it requires smart, tough, realistic and above all courageous men and women to fight a war. It does our military a disservice to think of what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan as some kind of glorified first-person shooter computer game. I have no doubt that Gen. Mattis will do a fine job at CENTCOM, and we are fortunate to have such men as he to lead our troops.


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