Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Academic Freedom for Me, But Not For Thee 

FoxNews.com reports that a 24-year old grad student pursuing a degree in counseling has been told by her college, Augusta State U. in Georgia, that she must change her religious beliefs regarding gay, lesbian and transgendered persons or be expelled from the program, according to a lawsuit filed against the school.

Assuming the allegations of the complaint as cited in the story are true, it would seem that Augusta State is a hotbed of progressive/PC groupthink. Augusta state is presumably an entity of the government of the State of Georgia. Whatever happened to the First Amendment there?

As the parent of a high school senior who will soon be shelling out tens of thousands of dollars per year in tuition, fees, books and other college expenses, this kind of story makes me leery about sending my kid to any college, with the possible exception of Hillsdale.

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