Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama's Second Term? 

After reading and listening to Obama's campaign for lo these many months (I haven't read Obama's new booklet on his second term agenda, but when a CNN reporter says there's nothing new in it, I tend to believer her), it appears to me that his plan for a second term boils down to this:
  1. Finish the job
  2. More “flexibility” in foreign affairs.
Some thoughts:
  1. What “job” are we talking about? Effectively nationalizing our health care—one seventh of our GDP with a projected result of more expensive (rather than less) and arbitrarily rationed treatments (yes, Virginia, there will be “death panels”)? Effectively handcuffing our fossil fuels industry with extremely restrictive environmental and other regulations in order to make “green” energy economically competitive? (Remember, “Under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket”?) Drawing down our military to a lower capability than existed before WWII (when US Army trainees drilled with wooden mock rifles)? Imposing crippling taxes and regulations on business with the result that the number of US citizens on food stamps and welfare continues to increase while at the same time the aggregate skill set of our workforce atrophies? Centralizing all power in the federal government in blatant disregard of the Constitutional structure that has worked well since 1789?

  2. Flexibility toward Putin's Russia translates, in my mind, to bending over and kissing your a** goodbye. In other areas, does flexibility include allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons capability, by which I mean the ability to manufacture nuclear bombs and deliver them to a target? Does flexibility mean continuing to spit in the eyes of our allies while kissing up to our adversaries? Does flexibility mean accepting the creation of an Islamic Caliphate in which al-Qaeda or something like it rules the Levant, Southwest Asia and the northern half of Africa?
Answers have not been forthcoming.

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