Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obama to Romney: "Let's Make A Deal ..." 

The headline in the paper was that Obama is playing “Let's Make A Deal” over Romney's tax returns. Sounds desperate to me.

In response I'd like to see Romney's team insert something like the following into Romney's and Ryan's stump speeches and the surrogates' talking points:

“It appears that President Obama thinks that how much Governor Romney did or didn't pay in taxes over the last 7 years (he's already made public the 2 years' returns required by law) is the most pressing issue facing the United States today.”

“Really? ... Really??!!”

“Here are a few other topics that the folks would probably rather hear about:

What about the economy?
What about jobs (that famous “3 letter word” according to Joe Biden)?
What about the $ trillion-plus deficit every year?
What about the $16 trillion dollar (and climbing) national debt?
What about taxes and the “fiscal cliff” that we're going to go over on New Year's Day?
What about Medicare and Social Security going broke within the next 15-25 years?
What about national defense—the primary obligation of the federal government? What to do about Iranian nukes? What to do about China? Syria? Israel? Egypt?
What will the government do if the Eurozone collapses?”

“That's just a start. We've got ideas about all of those, and a lot more. So what have you got to say, Mr. President? Are you really going to keep talking about tax returns all the way to Election Day? That's fine with us.”

Oh, by the way, Obama's “deal” is a total sham—after all, the Obama campaign “can't coordinate” with his super-pacs so his “promise” not to raise the issue ever again means next to nothing, if it means anything at all.

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