Monday, October 25, 2010

I Didn't Know What Was In It 

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, in a tight race for the US Senate seat formerly owned by Bobby Byrd of KKK fame (or maybe infamy), has "walked back" his support for the Obamacare bill. He said yesterday, "Reaching as far as they did in the weeds of the bill that we didn't know about, no one else knew about until it came out -- knowing that, I would not have supported that or voted for that at that time."

Hmm, nothing like a deathbed conversion to soothe the soul.

Number one, I don't believe his statement. If he in fact didn't know what was in the bill, at least in outline form, then it was purposeful ignorance; i.e., he was "ostriching".

Number two, even if one takes his statement at face value, it strikes me as unconscionable for anyone, politician or not, to endorse a bill without knowing what it contains, not to mention voting for it. If there was ever an example of the evil that can be accomplished by ramrodding the enactment of a huge, complex piece of legislation without proper debate and consideration, the Obamacare bill is it.

Manchin is, by all reports, a pretty good governor and the people of West Virginia like him in their state house. But I can see from this kind of stupidity why they might be a tad chary of sending him to Washington.

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