Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sestak's Job Offer 

At this point only those directly involved know exactly what was said to Joe Sestak (D-PA) about the good things he would experience if he dropped out of the Democrat primary race for PA senator. I find it interesting, however, that the person allegedly dispatched to talk to Sestak was former Pres. Bill Clinton. I can't think of anyone who has a better and clearer track record of being able to dance around answers to potentially embarrassing questions or, for that matter to abjectly lie to the public..

I think the only hope we have of ever finding out who said what to whom and at whose bidding is to put Sestak, Clinton, Rahm Emanuel and perhaps Obama under oath and ask them the kinds of questions a good prosecutor would ask on cross-examination. It would be interesting to see who "takes the fifth" and with respect to what questions. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen unless and until the Repubs take the House and Senate, and hold hearings on the matter, and maybe not even then, because I suspect the Dems have a closet full of dirty laundry about some high-ranking Repubs that they would publicly air in that event.

That said, the episode reeks of the Chicago way brought to Washington by Obama and his cohorts, and it should cause some political fallout.

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