Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iran on UN Commission for the Status of Women 

Fox News online is reporting that the UN has elected Iran to the Commission on the Status of Women. For those who live in caves with no media access, Iran penalizes women who "dress immodestly" with lashings. Stoning is also "enshrined in law" Fox says.

Fox reports that the Commission on the Status of Women is "dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women," according to its website.

Iran's election was "by acclamation," Fox says, meaning no member (including the United States) called for a vote on Iran's election.

What a joke! And a bad one at that.

This is just one more indication of what a meaningless, corrupt, feckless debating society the UN has become. It has long since abandoned the high ideals set out in its charter, and does not deserve to be taken seriously.

Once upon a time this kind of thing would have caused me to scream bloody murder about how the US should drop out of the UN; that the organization doesn't deserve the prestige it gleans from having the US as a member, etc.. Now, however, I think we should remain a member, but just treat the UN with a maximum level of cynicism, just like pretty much all of the other member states do, because the organization has a total lack of moral authority. I think we should stop paying any money to the UN to fund any program or project that is contrary to our nation's principles and interests. That pretty much leaves UNICEF and disaster relief as the only things we'll contribute to.

I like the idea of a parallel international organization whose membership is restricted to truly democratic states, where real work can be done with real moral authority behind it. Maybe the existence of such an organization would incentivize nations to nurture democratic processes. The best feature is that such an organization would exclude the Irans, Venezuelas, Sudans and North Koreas of the world, among others.

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