Sunday, November 22, 2009

Obama's China Trip Bombs 

Times Online (UK) reports that President Obama's meeting with Hu Jintao produced nothing of value for the United States. That is not surprising. Since China owns so much US government debt and is pretty much the only place the government can sell more in the quantities needed, China pretty much pwns Obama. Besides that, Obama's foreign policy seems to begin and end with other nations liking the US as personified by Barack Obama, and his real commitment is to drastically change the socioeconomic structure of the United States from a primarily capitalist, regulated private enterprise one to a primarily socialist, government-directed one, a la pre-Thatcher UK.

Looking back at my post here of November 15, I suppose one might guess that either Hu wasn't interested, or Obama wasn't very good. (Shame on you! -- Ed. Mea maxima culpa.)

UPDATE 20091123.0815: Judging from this Saturday Night Live skit, it appears that maybe I'm not so shameful after all.

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