Sunday, November 15, 2009

Honduras Debacle 

Here's a story about deposed Honduran President Zelaya refusing in advance to honor any vote by the Honduran people that would clearly and convincingly reject him as president. I'm shocked! Shocked! to think that Zelaya would want to be president whether or not he's backed by the majority of Hondurans.

Based on what I've read, the Obama administration, including "the smartest woman in the world" Hillary Rodham Clinton, made a horrendous mistake in denouncing the ouster of Zelaya in the first place, and now the United States is once more embarrassed as the guy they backed reneges on a deal that the US brokered.

The Honduran Supreme Court, interpreting the Honduran Constitution, ordered the arrest of Zelaya because he was illegally attempting to overturn the constitutional provision that term-limits the presidency. The United States sided with the likes of Hugo Chavez, the Castro regime and Daniel Ortega and refused to honor the Honduran court's interpretation of Honduran law.

The administration then pressured the government of Honduras to restore Zelaya to office. A deal was announced a week or so ago between Zelaya and Roberto Micheletti, who was named interim president by Honduras' Congress after Zelaya's ouster. Zelaya has apparently tried to torpedo that agreement almost from the get-go.

Looks like the State Department is taking a page out of its Middle East handbook in attempting to resolve this problem in our own hemisphere. I predict a similar result, at best.

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