Monday, September 07, 2009

World-Class Cuban Health Care 

Kim Priestap at Wizbang has a post today about Cuban health care--you know, that world-class free health care that Michael Moore drooled all over himself about in his movie, "Sicko"?

Turns out Cuba isn't the medical Eden that Moore made it out to be (Surprise, surprise!-Ed). Priestap links to this site, which has text and photos that purportedly show the real state of Cuba's free health care paradise. Caution! The photos at this site are very graphic and unpleasant. Do not follow the link unless you have a strong stomach.

I have no idea what's true, but I can tell you I don't believe Mr. Moore for so much as a nanosecond.

Query: Is this what our kids and grandkids can expect in 50 years under Obama's version of single-payer health care?

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