Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi's Folly 

Although I can't say with certainty whether Ms. Pelosi is correct that the CIA "misled" her or that the forty-leven other people who are in a position to know are correct that Ms. Pelosi was fully and timely briefed about the use of the so-called "EITs," I'd put my money on the CIA and its defenders.

As to her performance before the press yesterday, I must admit that I didn't watch the whole thing, only the "highlights" shown on TV. That said, her behavior reminds me of how the rabbits that invade my backyard act when I get them cornered and place myself between them and their escape route. She was so scattered that I would not be surprised to learn that she has had some kind of psychological event and is no longer wholly grounded in the real world.

At this point I think she's either gone off the rails, is intellectually incompetent, a liar or just plain stupid. Whichever it is, it scares me that she's two heartbeats away from the Presidency. She's damaged goods now and I don't think she can redeem herself. Her side show is distracting from Obama's agenda, and even her fellow Dems are either ducking for cover or (like CIA Director Panetta) directly contradicting her.

I'd be surprised if she's still Speaker on the Fourth of July.

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