Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 

I believe I'm sensing a trend in the national consciousness that I regard as a good thing: people are paying more attention to the reason we have Memorial Day. Maybe it's because I'm older and don't hang with the party crowd anymore. Maybe not. In any event, I think I'm hearing and seeing more people paying respect and giving honor to those who have fought and died so that our country can be as great as it is.

Anyone who's read this blog for a long time knows that my dad was a career soldier. He was a medic with bad eyesight, and as such was never sent into combat, although in Korea and especially in Vietnam he was in harm's way. I thank him for his service, as I thank my two sons for theirs. While growing up I got a first-hand look at who our military people are. The draft was in effect then so there was probably more of a cross-section, but I am convinced that today's military are pretty much the same as the ones I knew, except more motivated, which one would expect from an all-volunteer force. What I saw, and what I see now, are (for by far the most part) good American kids from all walks of life, who take pride in themselves and in their country, and who are prepared to do what it takes to complete the mission successfully. Not much different, really, from those who don't enlist, but what differences there are derive from a strong love of country and a recognition that liberty must be defended--it doesn't come without cost. That recognition is what all those we honor today knew in their hearts, and they had the courage and the mettle to act on that belief.

God bless them all, and may God help us to understand our debt to them, which we cannot repay.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Rampant Cowardice 

Having opened up a can of worms with her accusation that the CIA regularly misleads (i.e., lies to) Congress, which I hear is a federal felony, Ms. Pelosi today refused to utter a single word on the subject, other than to say that she stands by her statement but will say no more about it. Seems to me she's decided, having dodged the Congressional investigation bullet thanks to a compliant Democratic caucus, to hunker down and wait for the storm to blow over. While that may be the politically safe thing to do, especially since she can't seem to get her story straight on the details of what she knew and when, it is cowardice of the first order. Is this the person we want to be two heartbeats away from the Presidency?

Not in my USA.

Lots of cowardice, too on the part of the compliant media, who apparently accepted Pelosi's stonewalling without making a fuss. Not to mention Democrat members of Congress who know in their hearts that an accusation of a crime by the Speaker of the House of Representatives really needs to be followed to the end, but who don't have the guts to demand it because of party loyalty. What about loyalty to the United States of America?

I'm getting to the point of believing we'd have a better government by picking 535 people at random from the voter rolls to serve in the House and Senate than the professionally pusillanimous pimps we have now.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi's Folly 

Although I can't say with certainty whether Ms. Pelosi is correct that the CIA "misled" her or that the forty-leven other people who are in a position to know are correct that Ms. Pelosi was fully and timely briefed about the use of the so-called "EITs," I'd put my money on the CIA and its defenders.

As to her performance before the press yesterday, I must admit that I didn't watch the whole thing, only the "highlights" shown on TV. That said, her behavior reminds me of how the rabbits that invade my backyard act when I get them cornered and place myself between them and their escape route. She was so scattered that I would not be surprised to learn that she has had some kind of psychological event and is no longer wholly grounded in the real world.

At this point I think she's either gone off the rails, is intellectually incompetent, a liar or just plain stupid. Whichever it is, it scares me that she's two heartbeats away from the Presidency. She's damaged goods now and I don't think she can redeem herself. Her side show is distracting from Obama's agenda, and even her fellow Dems are either ducking for cover or (like CIA Director Panetta) directly contradicting her.

I'd be surprised if she's still Speaker on the Fourth of July.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Turn the US into Haiti? 

I've been saying that Mr. Obama wants to turn the United States into pre-Thatcher UK, but apparently I've been misinformed.

Actually, he wants to turn the United States into Haiti.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Obama's Plan For Taxing Overseas Income 

Just listened to Mr. Obama outline his plan, broadcast on FNC. One phrase he used a lot is "fair share." Now, in my lifetime, every time I've heard a politician say those words, it invariably meant a tax increase on everybody, not just on the "targeted" group.

Once again, I'm astounded at how closely the language coming out of the Obama administration resembles that used by the "looters" in Atlas Shrugged.

Also, (I hear the black helicopter now) am I the only one to notice how much our President seems to emulate Chancellor Palpatine? (/cynical humor)

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pre-Thatcher UK 

I've often said that Obama's goal is to turn the United States into the pre-Thatcher UK. Some of the younger people I talk to get a puzzled look when I say that, and I just found a nutshell description of the pre-Thatcher UK, courtesy of Mark Steyn. Here it is:
The post-1945 socialist settlement – government health care, government automobile industry, government everything – had broken down: Inflation over 25 percent, marginal taxes rates over 90 percent, mass unemployment, permanent strikes. The country's union leaders were household names, mainly because they were responsible for everything your household lacked. Even moving around was hard: The nationalized rail network was invariably on strike, and you had to put your name on a waiting list months in advance for one of the "new" car models. The evening news was an endless parade of big beefy burly blokes picketing some plant for the right to continue enjoying the soft pampering workweek of the more effete Ottoman sultans.
How do you think that's going to work out for you?

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