Friday, October 31, 2008

Suspicions Confirmed! 

The definition of "middle class" for purposes of Obama's tax plans has now been capped by Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) at $120,000. What a surprise!

Actually the fact that "the number" has been floating (diving?) downward this week may be part of Obama's last-minute campaign to reduce expectations, at least enough so he can say he didn't lie about what he would try to do. (You know, the old "for it before I was against it" gambit.) I'm not disappointed, since I never thought Obama's numbers added up. The fact that the Obama campaign is trying to manage expectations suggests that they think he's in, but they still want to reduce the "I told you so" factor that we'll probably start hearing from Repubs around, say, June if Obama's elected.

On another note, I think the banishment from the Obama campaign plane of three reporters who work for papers that endorsed McCain is an example of the kind of government we can expect from Obama. "Free speech and free press, as long as you support me in everything. Otherwise, I'll throw you under the bus like I did my grandmother, Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayres and others who outlived their usefulness."

I think the Nation is about to experience a King Midas moment if Obama is elected. He got what he wished for, and became miserable. Unfortunately, I don't think there'll be any Dionysus to make things right when the voters discover what they've done.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. I am.

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