Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama and Ayres 

It is inconceivable to me that Obama had no idea about Ayres' past during the whole time they collaborated on various projects and endeavors.

Why Ayres picked a brand new law school grad whose only real-world experience was as a "community organizer" to run a multi-million dollar "charity" has never been explained. Neither Obama nor Ayres is talking.

I'd be willing to bet that Ayres first met Obama during the Columbia U. years, and that's one reason why Obama was an invisible man on that campus.

Obama has for his entire adult life apparently been making a conscious effort not to leave any paper trail that might shed light on what he's all about. His senior thesis at Columbia is nowhere to be found. His only product at the Harvard Law Review is an unsigned note that is not at all controversial. He voted "present" something more than 100 times as an Illinois state senator. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for 12 years and never published any scholarly paper. This is in marked contrast to the behavior of most ambitious people who aspire to great things. Why? It certainly isn't because Obama is shy and retiring (see his "this is the moment" speech on winning the Dem primaries).

The man is a cipher, and we shouldn't elect a cipher to the office of President.

He seems to have discovered that people will vote for someone who acts and sounds like the presidential characters on TV and in the movies. But like a movie set, there's no structure behind the facade.

The people deserve to know.

But with the legacy media in the tank for Obama, we won't know until it's too late.

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