Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama's Military Policy 

I believe that Obama's plan would be a huge mistake, for lots of reasons. With N. Korea, China, Iran and others developing ICBM systems and space-based weapons, it would be folly to scrap our missile defense capability. It would be equally dumb to ostrich on "weaponizing space" when our adversaries are scrambling to do exactly that. Finally, when you gut your conventional forces, you are less able to respond militarily to threats that may arise. When you are finally forced to respond, you use what you have. Notwithstanding what he says in the video, Obama won't be scrapping our nuclear arsenal anytime soon (if he does he should be impeached) and if that's all we have left, that's what he'll use, or he'll fold. Either way, a disaster for the US and the world. Not only that, but how is Obama going to reconcile his stated strategy of going after bin Laden if he shrinks the military from what it is today?

The best way to guarantee an attack is for your enemy to believe you're defenseless. That's what bin Laden thought we were on 9/11. We currently have the best military in the world, but if we declare to the world that we won't use it, we are as defenseless as if we had an army of toy soldiers, a navy of model boats and an air force of paper planes.

As President, Obama would take an oath to defend the United States against all enemies. If he actually follows through on these promises, he's a change we can't believe in and can't live with.

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