Friday, September 12, 2008

Barack Veers to the Center? 

Is it just me, or did Barack Obama's answers last night at the Columbia U. forum amount to a giant leap to the middle of the political road, presumably trolling for independent/undecided votes?

To that add his recent admission on O'Reilly that the surge worked, and his recent musings that he might not raise taxes on "the rich" if the economy were in trouble, and it appears that Mr. Obama and/or his strategists have realized that the message that worked with the Kos Kids is not resonating with enough Americans to get him elected.

As for myself, I cannot vote for Obama because he's a cipher--a blank slate. He's got the most liberal voting record in the Senate, but other than that, his campaign speeches and his two memoirs there's not much information out there that demonstrates where he actually stands on the issues. And his speeches aren't all that reliable because he's been straddling a lot lately. So as far as I can see, Obama's just another politician that says what he needs to say in order to get elected. We won't know anything about how he'd actually run the country unless and until he's sworn in, although a fair inference could be made that he'd be somewhat more socialistic than LBJ.

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