Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Indiana Voter ID Opponents' Poster Child Registered in Two States 

So, let's take this confused old lady at her word, and grant that she never intended to do anything wrong. It's still embarrassing to the opponents of voter ID laws, because people who actually intend to commit voter fraud will be much more devious, intentionally, than Ms Buis-Ewing.

The old Chicago maxim, "Vote early, vote often" is only funny if voter fraud isn't a big problem. But recent close elections, for example the election for governor of Washington State in 2004, which was decided by a margin of just 129 votes, and in which ineligible felons and dead people voted, and others cited by John Fund in this opinion piece, suggest that voter fraud is a widespread problem. Moreover, with 12 million illegal immigrants and "motor voter" laws it will, in my opinion, become a growing problem -- one that will need stronger remedies than Avodart (tm).

I would hate to see US elections become so tainted that only Jimmy Carter would declare them fair. We need voter ID laws, and we need them to be enforced in a way that addresses the legitimate concerns of true voter advocates as to "collateral disenfranchisement".

Thanks to Instapundit for the pointer to the news story.

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