Monday, October 08, 2007

Sandy Berger and Hillary Clinton 

So Hillary's spokesperson says Sandy Berger has "no official role in the campaign," in response to GOP criticism following disclosure that the Clinton campaign was "taking advice" from Berger.

In 2005 Berger pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with his sneaking highly classified documents from the National Archive in his socks and underwear, and later destroying them. Prosecutors in that case said Berger only took copies and that the originals remained safe, but others say that nobody but Berger knows for sure what he took, or what if any original annotations were on the copies. As a result of his guilty plea Berger, who once was Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor, lost his security clearance for three years, and he voluntarily relinquished his law license rather than go through disbarment proceedings, in which he could have been cross-examined under oath about his actions.

I join Rep. Peter Hoekstra, (R-MI) in asking why Berger has any connection whatsoever with any candidate for President. Given his history, which involves other episodes besides the document theft case, I (gasp) question Berger's patriotism, not to mention his character.

I realize that Berger is a longtime friend of Bill and Hill, but they've been known to throw friends under the bus when it suited their purposes. Evidently they still hold Berger in high regard. I would not be surprised if Berger knows things that Hillary would just as soon not see the light of day, and she probably wants to keep him close. So close that I'm sure she has a job waiting for him as soon as she moves into the White House--a job that won't require the advice and consent of the Senate, but that will require his newly-reinstated security clearance.


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