Thursday, October 04, 2007

S-Head Award IV 

This week's S-Head Award has to go jointly to Sens. Reid and Harkin, for claiming that Rush Limbaugh dissed all American military personnel on his radio program.

Except for Jack Murtha I can think of no politicians less qualified to make such an argument. Harkin once claimed to be a Vietnam veteran (as opposed to a Vietnam Era veteran) because he flew into Vietnam a couple of times, although he was never in-country for more than a day or two, if that long. Reid and Harkin both appear to be members of the contingent that believes the sole purpose of the armed forces is to appear in Fourth of July parades. They have both done everything they can to undermine and demoralize the Nation with regard to the Iraq campaign, all the while piously claiming to "support the troops."

Anybody who's ever listened to Limbaugh more than five minutes knows that Limbaugh has consistently, for years, supported "the troops" and their mission. However his words came out (and I will admit some ambiguity in the sound bite), taken in context it was crystal clear that Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" remark was referring to people like Micah Ian Wright, Jesse Macbeth and Scott Thomas Beauchamp, who have falsified their military records or experience in one way or another in order to enhance their credibility as antiwar activists.

Go here to read a fair account of what our soldiers are all about, and why people like Reid and Harkin are so corrosive to our national interests.

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