Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Repub Debate 

Ron Paul ably represented the McGovern wing of the Republican party, and I'm sure both of his followers thought he did well. Myself, not so much. Whatever good ideas he might have will be completely overshadowed by his take on the Islamofascist war, and is ineptness in expressing himself. For him to continue as a candidate would be (a) embarrassing and (b) a waste of resources.

Tommy Thompson reminded me of Edgar Bergen's character, Mortimer Snerd, without the dumb bumpkin accent. As wooden as Al Gore, with rehearsed answers. Not impressive at all.

John McCain has my respect and admiration as a true hero, a true patriot, a truly honorable man and has some good ideas, but I don't think he's the man for the job. Anybody who's as willing to compromise as he is will get rolled by Congress, no matter which party is in the majority, not to mention the leaders of other nations.

I'll sign on with the conventional wisdom and agree that Giuliani won the evening, thanks to Ron Paul's "blame America first" analysis of Sept. 11. Romney did pretty well, too. The rest of the pack didn't hurt themselves and occasionally expressed some interesting ideas, but in the main didn't hit any home runs, with the possible exception of Huckabee's "John Edwards in a beauty shop" quip.

I say send Tommy Thompson and Ron Paul to the showers and put in Gingrich and Fred Thompson, and that would produce a much more interesting debate.

BTW, Fox News' "text-in" post-debate voting that had Paul leading in the "who won" category was obviously stuffed by Kos Kids and their ilk. It's a stupid gimmick that produced no useful information and ought not to be used again.

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