Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recipe for Disaster 

I ran across this passage in a book I'm reading:

Dismay and discontent can be transformed into dissent and disobedience. Dissidence can be transformed into subversion and terrorism. Subversion and terrorism can be transformed into active insurrection. Insurrection can be transformed into guerrilla war. And in time, guerrilla war can be transformed into conventional military action--but only when the guerrillas feel totally confident that the outcome favors them.

Each stage in the process supports actions aimed at exploiting the ruling system's weaknesses. The aim is not direct confrontation, but to cause a rotting from within. Agents corrupt or "turn" politicians. Other agents take over labor unions, student groups, farmers' collectives; they infiltrate the media, the military, and the police--all as vehicles for propaganda and subversion.

Does any of that resonate for you?

To me, it describes in a nutshell the process now occurring in Euroland, as being carried out by militant Islam, and in South America, as being carried out by Chavez and his allies. Some of it even describes the process now occurring in the United States, as being carried out by the likes of MoveOn, George Soros and their fellow travelers.

I think Western society needs to engage in some serious introspection, and decide whether it is willing to fight for its existence or suffer the fate of complacent societies throughout history. Sadly, I don't think the "movers and shakers" will address the issue until it's way too late.

By the way, the quote is from "Shadow Warriors" by Tom Clancy with Gen. Carl Stiner, USA (Ret.) and Tony Koltz.

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