Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moral Equivalence 

[angry rant]

Our enemies sacrifice children and use chemical weapons for their nefarious ends, and the moonbats scream "war crimes!" over alleged "torture" of the likes of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and (still!) mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib that rises to the level of fraternity hazing at American universities. (Which mistreatment, by the way, was subject to investigation by the military before the press ran the story, and the perpetrators punished.)

My 13 year old has "selective hearing." The moonbats have "selective conscience."

Bah! What a waste of perfectly good oxygen! A pox on thee, Cindy Sheehan! A pox on thee, Code Pink! A pox on thee, Michael Moore! A pox on thee ... ahh, the hell with it--there are too many of them. Curse them all! May they suffer ten times as much as those who were wounded fighting for their right to voice their vile opinions!

The irony is, if it should come to pass that the Islamofascists prevail in the Long War, the moonbats will be among the first to suffer punishments under sharia law.

[/angry rant]

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