Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Al Gore/Lord Monckton Debate on Global Warming 

Gates of Vienna blog has a post about Lord Monckton's challenge to Mr. Gore, to debate climate change "in the Library of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History at a date of the Vice-President’s choosing." Now, there's a debate I'd love to watch.

Probably won't happen. Mr. Gore refused to debate the issue with Bjorn Lomborg, "The Skeptical Environmentalist," and my guess is that he'll duck this one with Lord Monckton, who was policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher during her term as Prime Minister of the UK. Hell, Gore even refused to sit through the GOP's opening remarks in the hearing held by two subcommittees of the House Committees on Science and Technology and Energy and Commerce this morning.

Mr. Gore is, IMHO, exhibiting the arrogance of one who believes he has a hot line to God--much like OBL.

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