Sunday, December 17, 2006

Toying With Genocide 

Gerald Vanderleun has a thoughtful--and chilling--post at the American Digest. He discusses what might happen if Islamist terrorists manage to convince the population of the West that Islam is all about what they are doing. Here's the nut:
"I have no doubt that, if we feel for any reason threatened enough, we will indeed come to the day when the unthinkable becomes a series of orders yielding a set of trajectories that end millions of lives in less than an instant, with North Korea a brief footnote.

This is why I still deeply believe that the current effort in Iraq and the Middle East to counter and expunge Islamic terrorism and turn Islam from the road it is on towards one of reformation and assimilation is the best path that can be taken at this time. Indeed, for all the ineptitude of the current administration, for all the expense in treasure and lives, this shoot-the-moon, Hail Mary of a foreign policy in Iraq is not just a policy to make America safer at home. It is the only thing that stands between Islam and its own destruction."

Read the whole thing.

Thanks to Instapundit for the pointer.

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