Monday, November 06, 2006

Wrong Direction 

I just heard a Democratic spokesperson on TV observe that 2/3 of Americans think the country's going in the wrong direction. I'm probably one of them. I think the Republican-majority Congress has been profligate with the public purse and has lost sight of the tenets under which most of them were elected. I think the Iraq debacle could have been, and could be, better managed, and I think the administration has done a lousy job of educating the electorate about the reasoning behind its policies.

The thing is, that doesn't mean I'll vote for a Democrat. I think the Democrats, given the chance, will "declare victory" in Iraq and pull our troops out before the Iraqi government is capable of defending itself against enemies foreign and domestic, and if that happens it'll be a disaster of gargantuan proportions for US foreign policy. The Dems say that they don't want the US to "go it alone" but if we bail out of Iraq prematurely, we won't have the choice. We'll either become a clone of the Euro crowd or we'll have to do everything alone, because no other country will trust us enough to follow us. Ultimately, that may increase the likelihood of nuclear war, as other countries scramble to develop nuclear deterrents.

The point is, just because a majority may think that the country's headed in the wrong direction, that doesn't automatically translate into a majority vote for the Democratic vision.

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