Wednesday, November 01, 2006

La Shawn Barber's Defense of Kerry 

I tried to post this comment at La Shawn's site, but she's experiencing an Instalanche so I'll post it here in case I can't do so there. By way of background, La Shawn is defending Kerry's comment as mere misspeaking, and exhorts us all to let it go, pointing out several examples of similar gaffes by those on the right. Here are the last three paragraphs of her post:

Think about it, people. Do you really believe that John Kerry, a war veteran, thinks American troops are dumb or would say so publicly during a war in the midst of an election cycle? When I first heard about his remarks, I knew instinctively that he couldn’t have meant that. And I can’t stand the man!

Calm down. Get a grip. Take a pill. Blog about something that makes sense. Kerry’s mangled remarks aren’t worth it, in my view. So you rally your readers against him and enjoy the thrill of yet another blog swarm. But it’s based on nothing.

Are there any voices of reason on the Right???

Here's my comment:
I admit to not having read all the comments, so I may be repeating a thought someone else has posted.

To me, Kerry's sin is not so much making a stupid statement/botching a joke. Rather, when given the opportunity on more than one occasion to apologize to those whom he (intentionally or not) insulted, his response was not to admit his mistake but instead lash out at everyone he could possibly think of who had ever done him political harm. Unfortunately, this is a pattern for him. His ego gets in the way of his ability to think things through and assess the political effects of what he says and does.

I'm glad that he wasn't elected President because the bad guys, recognizing this flaw, would have played him like a Stradivarius.

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