Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Calif. Prop. 87 

Last night I saw a TV commercial in which Al Gore touts Proposition 87. That guarantees that I won't be voting in favor of Prop. 87, because I trust ol' Al about as far as I can throw his burgeoning arse.

Aside from that, it makes no sense to me. The proposition would impose a tax on oil production within the State of California, which would, among other things, make California oil marginally more expensive, which would lead to reduced oil production within the state, and undoubtedly increase oil imports by an equivalent amount, and probably increase retail prices of petroleum products. The additional revenue would be spent by bureaucrats to "reduce global warming."

I'm an agnostic on "global warming" and even if it exists, it would seem to me more likely than not that its cause is not anthropogenic.

It has always amazed me that the green crowd is so willing to bet the global economy on computer models of the global atmosphere, but so unwilling to rely on models that relate to, say, nulear waste storage, when the atmosphere is several orders of magnitude more complex and the data to be input into any atmospheric model is so sketchy, compared to what we know about the decay of fission products and the technology involved in creating a safe repository for them.

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