Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why Home Schooling Is On The Rise 

This is the first post in a series on actions committed by school administrators that give parents reasons to seriously consider home schooling.

Denver TV station CBS4 reports that students at Shaw Heights Middle School in Westminster, CO, are no longer permitted to wear anything patriotic. The ban includes camouflage pants. Principal Myla Shepherd instituted the modified dress code when in the wake of recent debate and demonstrations over the illegal immigration issue, more than 20 students (out of approximately 400) came to school wearing camouflage pants apparently to show their patriotism and American pride. Shepard said that name calling was observed, and that tensions were immediately diffused by the new dress code rules.

Shepherd cited safety concerns as a valid reason for limiting the students' freedom of expression.

Credit Michelle Malkin for the pointer, via Freedom Folks blog.

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