Saturday, April 08, 2006

Perky Katie 

I didn't watch Katie Couric in the morning, I most likely won't watch her in the evening. I don't care which of the lamestream media networks she works for. The big to-do about her is, as far as I'm concerned, about as important as who the next personnel assistant at the local AT&T office is going to be. I think it's a big deal in the media because the media like to glorify themselves, but I'm pretty sure most people are like me and put it pretty far down on their "important things" list.

I don't watch TV news because I want to see a particular personality. I watch it in order to find out what's going on in the world and, more particularly, how it's going to affect me and my family. To the extent I like a particular news personality, it's mostly because I think he or she asks good questions and is good at getting the answers.

I'm not saying that any idiot can read the news on TV, but to me the news presenters are pretty much fungible. What's important to me is whether the news they're reading gives me the whole story in an unbiased way, or that the biases in the organization are clearly stated, if not reveled in. Most of the lamestream media fall flat on both counts. That's why the vast majority of my TV news comes from Fox News Channel.

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