Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Double Standards in the Great White North 

The Sheaf, the student newspaper at the University of Saskatchewan, refused to publish the Danish Mohammed cartoons, purportedly because it did not want to offend Muslims. But the paper recently published a cartoon showing Jesus performing oral sex on a pig captioned "Go on, it's OK, it's kosher if you don't swallow. You can read the story here. (Story contains a link to the offensive cartoon.) A staffer for the paper said running the offensive cartoon was "not an editorial decision but a mistake that resulted from a miscommunication." Riiiiiiight.

It's fortunate for The Sheaf and the university that Christians don't react to insults to their faith in the same manner that many Muslims do. If they did, there's a good chance that by now the offices of The Sheaf would have been firebombed and dozens of death threats received by the editors and maybe even the university administration. And there might even have been riots involving many burning cars, and perhaps someone driving through The Bowl in an SUV looking for people to run down.

Credit Bryan Preston at JunkyardBlog for the pointer.

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