Thursday, March 30, 2006

Democratic Security and Illegal Immigration 

I confess that I have not put in a lot of time studying the Democrats' national security strategy, nor the details of the competing plans to stop the invasion through our southern border. I have, however, tried to pay attention to the talking heads on TV and the newspaper articles on both subjects, and I have formed an impression: as Wally Moore, who was my manager in a job I held a long time ago and far, far away used to say, "Motherhood!"

That is, what the Democrats say about national security and what all politicians say about our illegal immigration problem contain a lot of obvious points that pretty much everyone can agree with, as in, "How can anyone be against motherhood?" (Of course, nowadays we have PETA and Earth First and their ilk, and I'm not sure they're all pro-motherhood.)

Wally's point, applicable here, is "Tell me how you're going to do it." So far I've heard nothing but platitudes from those who oppose Bush and those who oppose the plans currently being batted around in Congress.

I am reminded of the old fable about the mice getting together and agreeing to put a bell on the cat's collar so the cat can't sneak up on them. Everyone thought it was a great idea until one of the mice said, "Now, who's going to do it?"

Until the Dems come up with some details, I'll ignore them as behaving like politicians. As to immigration, believe it or not, the only plan I've heard as an alternative to proposed illegal immigrant legislation that makes any sense (and it makes more sense to me than any of Congress' ideas) is Bill O'Reilly's.I hope I won't get in trouble by reproducing it here:
One, immediately move the National Guard to the border to back up the border patrol. If this is done, there's no need for a $1 billion wall. Illegal crossings would decline drastically.

Two, detain anyone caught trying to cross the border illegally and deport them ASAP. No more catch and release.

Three, inform businesses that hiring illegal workers will lead to expensive fines first time, prison time for employers second time.

Four, allow those illegals already in the USA to register as foreign residents without fear of reprisal. An illegal would have 60 days to do that. Failure to register would be a felony with mandatory prison time.

Five, once the foreign resident is registered, he or she would be issued temporary working papers and would have to pay a $3,000 fine for breaking the immigration law. The money would be deducted from paychecks over a three-year period.

Six, after three years, that foreign resident could apply for citizenship, but such a privilege would not be guaranteed. The applicants would take their place in line behind those who have obeyed the immigration rules.

Seven, a legal guest worker program would be set up to meet the needs of businesses. Foreign countries could send a list of applicants and a pool would be formed.

And finally, any immigrant evading taxes in the USA would be immediately deported.

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