Sunday, March 05, 2006

Civil War? What Civil War? 

Ralph Peters, reporting from Baghdad following a day on patrol with the 1st Platoon of Bravo Battery, 4-320 Field Artillery, doesn't see much evidence of the civil war that the New York Times and others have been whining about.

He notes that most of the Western reporters in Baghdad forego all opportunities to go outside their enclaves for first-person observation, and instead rely on Iraqi stringers to get the stories for them. It didn't take long for the Iraqis to catch on to the "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality, so guess what kind of stories those stringers bring back.

My favorite comment: "I'm just afraid that some of our journalists don't want to know the truth anymore."

I don't know about that, but it's been evident to me for a long time that some of our journalists don't want to report the truth anymore.

Credit Instapundit for the pointer.

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