Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yet Another Reason Not To Read the LA Times 

By now probably half the blogosphere (the right half) has linked to this column by Joel Stein in the LA Times as an example of the depths to which the Left in this country will go to disparage the war against Islamonazism and those fighting it.

My very first reaction when I read it this afternoon: "PIG!"

Thankfully, I'm not familiar with Mr. Stein's work. I read somewhere that Mr. Stein is a humor writer. If that's an example of his humor, I hope for his sake that he has a real job somewhere. I have to give him credit, though, for being honest about his feelings. None of this "I support the troops, I just don't support the war" crap that most lefties spout all the time will do for Mr. Stein. Nope, he's laying it out straight: "I don't support the troops" is the first phrase of his essay.

I just saw at Little Green Footballs an excerpt from a Reuters ("al-Reuters") piece about how Mr. Stein says he's been "bombarded by hate mail" generated by his piece. Well, when you write your own hate mail in a major (but less so than it used to be) American metropolitan daily, I'd say it's not unpredictable that you'd get some in return. Mr. Stein will probably be lucky if all he gets is hate mail. I wonder if his contract with the LA Times has a bodyguard provision in it. If I were in the habit of writing stuff like that, I'd sure want one.

As Glenn Reynolds noted, it's probably OK to question Mr. Stein's patriotism. Maybe his work would be more appreciated in, say, Cuba. They certainly wouldn't have parades for the troops there, and I understand they don't have traffic problems, either.

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