Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not Anti-war, Anti-USA 

Howard Dean, the National Chairman of the Democratic Party, has come out and said the war in Iraq is "unwinnable." I am far from alone in saying that the only reason it would be unwinnable is political cowardice in Congress.

This statement, and its timing--10 days before the Iraqi parliamentary elections--leads me to conclude that Howard Dean wants the United States to lose the war, and is willing to surrender and leave the field in order to make it happen. He is a traitor to the interests of the United States of America and to the sacrifices of our troops in Iraq for what he believes is partisan political advantage. If the Democratic Party does not replace him within days as their national spokesman, it will be fair to conclude that the Democratic Party, by virtue of agreeing with its loose-cannon chairman, also stands against the interests of the United States of America. Some of the other Democratic Party leaders, for example Nancy Pelosi and our old buddy John Kerry, are clearly on the wrong side of this issue as well as Dean.

In response to those who would say, "Don't question our patriotism!" I say, why not? By your words and deeds you have demonstrated that you have gone far beyond being the loyal opposition, and are now acting in ways that directly harm the interests of the country.

Merely by saying those things, people such as Dean, Pelosi and Kerry who occupy positions of influence aid and abet the likes of Zarqawi, bin Laden and the remnants of the Saddamites, by giving them hope that bin Laden's assessment of the United States as a nation of feckless cowards is correct after all. Their words also demoralize the Iraqis who will soon be deciding the future of their nation.

Many have made the point that if the United States walks away from Iraq before the job is finished, the repercussions on America's international relations will be momentous and long-lasting. Such an event would be regarded by both allies and enemies as one more failure of will by the US along with Vietnam, Beirut, the Iran Hostages, Khobar Towers, Mogadishu and the USS Cole episode. The inevitable result will be that allies will no longer trust us and enemies will be emboldened. In fact, it may encourage some "allies" to switch sides and join those who would destroy us. Saudi Arabia comes to mind as such a possibility. We would be regarded as a much larger France.

The Democratic Party has some serious thinking to do. Let's hope that they do it soon, and keep the interests of the country foremost.

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