Wednesday, December 07, 2005

France Lite 

So I'm listening to FNC this morning and the subject is Dean's recent remarks and the Bush administration's insistence that we won't leave Iraq until we've achieved victory. There's a Democratic spokeswoman/strategist on who uttered the phrase, "it depends on what you mean by 'victory.'" My immediate reaction was, "Oh, great, we're back to Clintonian 'nuance' but this time we're not talking about sex."

I must confess that I didn't listen much to the woman after that, as she went on at length trying to explain, without using the words, how "cut and run" is equivalent to "victory." Then I thought about yesterday's post and the notion that the Democrat defeatists want to turn the United States into France Lite, i.e., France without the "culture."

Then it struck me that the Democrats really DO want to turn the US into France. They want the government to regulate everything, so that businesses become instruments of government policy. They think the government should own or control key industries such as transportation, telecom and electric power. They want generous welfare payments to those out of work, with no responsibility on the part of individuals to try to get employment. They want the government to own or control all health care, which is provided "free" to all (but with an 18 month wait). They think multiculturalism, of the kind that keeps immigrants ghettoized and unassimilated and led to the recent spate of car burnings throughout France, is a wonderful thing because it shows how "sensitive" our society is. They believe that talking about solving a problem is the same as actually solving it. They believe that the American people need to be 100 percent safe from all risks, real or imagined, and especially need to be protected from themselves. They want a military, but mostly so they can funnel money to political friends in the form of defense contracts, and so they can be surrounded by military pomp and ceremony on the kinds of special occasions that politicians love to devote to speechifying and photo ops. (But that military has to withdraw as soon as it gets a bloody nose because "we must protect the troops." If the French are "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" I guess the Democrats' ideal America might be "burger-eating surrender monkeys.") They want the de facto mind control that follows from heavily-enforced political correctness. I could list more things the Democrats want to do to turn the US into France Lite, but it's getting tiresome.


Oh, and one other thing--the Democrats very much want a double standard--one set of rules for their elite and a different set for everyone else. They'd be right at home as courtiers in the realm of the Sun King. I know Spiro Agnew was a dishonest and venal man, but he got it right with that remark about "effete snobs."

I wonder what happened to the Democratic Party of Harry Truman and Scoop Jackson and even Hubert Humphrey. At least those guys knew what the United States was really about. All the current crew wants is to be in charge--they don't much care about "of what."

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