Thursday, November 03, 2005

Racist Hypocrisy 

Well, the holier-than-thou Left has finally come out and admitted what I have thought for a long time: in their world racism can only be committed by whites and people of the right.

Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is a conservative Republican who happens to be black, and is a candidate for the US Senate. Mr. Steele has of late been bombarded with racial epithets, pelted with Oreo cookies and has had his altered image portraying him as a blackface minstrel posted on a blog run by Steve Gilliard, a New York liberal who also happens to be black. Michelle Malkin chronicles all of this here. Jeff Goldstein expounds on this phenomenon at length at his Protein Wisdom blog.

Not all Democrats fall into the racist camp, however. Tim Kaine, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, showed a lot of character by pulling his campaign ads from Gilliard's blog in protest. Gillaird responded by calling Kaine a coward.

The lamestream media aids and abets this abhorrent behavior, of course, by giving the Leftist racists like Gilliard a free pass while being exquisitely sensitive to any real or imagined racial slur by anyone on the Right or in the Center, as exhibited by the recent dustup over remarks by William Bennett. I did a quick web search on the Steele/Gilliard item and turned up only two newspaper items, in the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post. No references to the NYT or any of the broadcast media that I could find.

I think this kind of behavior on the part of the loony Left will lead to one of two scenarios: (1) moderate Democrats will become alarmed about what is happening to their party and will purge the loonies from the party; or (2) more and more moderate Democrats will stop supporting their party, if not actually move to the Republican side, which will eventually lead to the formation of a centrist party that will attract moderates from both the Dems and the GOP. Neither scenario would be favorable for the moonbats, and that would be a good thing.

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