Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Let's Have A Thorough Investigation of Prewar Intelligence 

Harry Reid shut down the US Senate for a while yesterday, in what amounts to a grandstanding move to take the political momentum back from the Bush administration following the disappointing (to Democrats) result of the Plamegate special prosecutor's investigation and the nomination of Judge Sam Alito to SCOTUS. Reid says he did what he did because he claims the Republican majority on the Senate Intelligence Committee is footdragging its investigation into misuse/skewing of intelligence on Iraq by the Bushies to set up the Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I say by all means, let's investigate ALL of the prewar intelligence. Glenn Reynolds correctly points out that a thorough investigation of the subject should start by examining the intelligence on which the government relied when Congress enacted, and President Clinton signed, the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998.

The American People have a Right to Know how both the current administration and its predecessor used intelligence to further their own agendas.

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