Friday, November 04, 2005

Another VDH Must-read 

Victor Davis Hanson has posted yet another insightful piece on the nature of the islamofascist terrorist enemy and the pitiful response of the West. He also has suggestions on what Western society should do. An excerpt:
It’s past time that we quit worrying whether a killer who blows himself up on the West Bank, or a terrorist who shouts the accustomed jihadist gibberish as he crashes a jumbo jet into the World Trade Center, or a driver who rams his explosives-laden car into an Iraqi polling station, or a Chechnyan rebel who blows the heads off schoolchildren, is in daily e-mail contact with Osama bin Laden. Our present lax attitude toward jihadism is akin to deeming local outbreaks of avian flu as regional maladies without much connection to a new strain of a deadly — and global — virus.

Instead, the world—if it is to save its present liberal system of free trade, safe travel, easy and unfettered communications, and growing commitment to constitutional government—must begin seeing radical Islamism as a universal pathology rather than reactions to regional grievances, if it is ever to destroy it materially and refute it ideologically.

In arguing about such things as whether Saddam had WMD, the Western elites are engaging in the modern equivalent of debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. We need serious thought, followed by serious action. Read the whole thing.

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