Monday, September 19, 2005

You Can't Believe TV News 

Upon reading the headline to this post, your first reaction might well be, "So tell me something I don't know already." Read on.

Belmont Club points to The Second Draft, where you can download "Pallywood," a movie about how the Palestinians staged "combat" scenes that were picked up by various Western news organizations, including "60 Minutes." The movie is made up of raw footage taken by Palestinian cameramen showing glaring, um, "inconsistencies" between what the news programs showed and what actually took place, as captured by the same cameramen, but which the news programs edited out.

Whatever this movie might say about the news organizations that presented this material as factual, it clearly shows that what "news" programs present as fact cannot be relied upon to show the true story. Not that this is anything new. '60 Minutes," for one, has a well-deserved reputation for conducting interviews with, say, corporate spokespersons, and then cleverly editing the video to give an impression that is very unfavorable to the interviewee.

The file is large (39 MB), as you might expect, so it will be a pain to download unless you have a broadband internet connection. But trust me, it is must-see video. Watch, and learn.

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