Monday, August 08, 2005

Shameless Product Plug 

I wholeheartedly recommend Miracle Hand Repair by Ontel Products Corp. of Fairfield, NJ, available at Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things for about $10.

I do a lot of things that involve detergents and solvents that suck the natural oils and moisture from skin. My hands were so dry, chapped and cracked that I didn't need to use my nails to scratch an itch -- just rubbing a fingertip over the itch worked fine. I had open cracks at the edges of my nails that were painful enough to make me avoid any activity that required a strong pinching motion. Having so many open wounds on my hands, I was concerned about acquiring a serious infection. I had tried Vaseline Intensive Care, Eucerin, and a few other dry skin creams but none worked satisfactorily.

A neighbor recommended Miracle Hand repair and I bought a tube. My hands felt better the first day, and within a week of twice-daily use the cracks had healed over. I'm now using it once a day and maintaining healthy skin on my hands. Life is good!

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