Thursday, July 07, 2005

Observation About London Bombings Reportage 

The Fox News folks are referring to the London attacks as a "crime," as are many of the guests and analysts they have on. Well, I guess it is a crime, but to me, the use of such terminology is one more indication that we aren't taking the situation seriously enough.

AQ is fighting a war against the West (and even those parts of Islam that they deem not Islamic enough), and they aren't paying much attention to the Geneva Convention. We (i.e., the liberal democracies), on the other hand, are still treating this sort of thing as "crime." The news organizations who refuse to use the word "terrorist" are assisting mightily in minimizing the nature of the struggle we're engaged in.

I fear that unless and until the West wakes up and starts fighting the war as a real war, things will go badly for us. At least the US Government (as currently led) understands the reality. Heaven help us if we ever elect a John Kerry or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid as President.

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