Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bad Guys Case Tinker AFB 

Michelle Malkin posted this item on her blog today, about 3 men of middle eastern appearance who were evidently pointing a shoulder-fired rocket launcher at a B-1 bomber on approach to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. Michelle says in her column that she confirmed the authenticity of the story with an Air Force public affairs officer.

Michelle links to a Battle Staff Directive prompted by the incident, which can be viewed here. Follow the link and read it, I'll wait.

Welcome back. I hope you especially read and noted the things to watch out for under the "Task" heading in the BSD. That is good advice for all of us to follow, in these days of terrorists blowing up skyscrapers and subways. (In fact, it's also a good recipe for preventing ordinary crime, especially the "Suspicious Persons Out of Place" bullet.) If anyone notices the kinds of activity described in the BSD, call law enforcement IMMEDIATELY! Don't be afraid of being thought of as a kook or alarmist. People who live near military installations or obvious targets like civilian airports, power plants and bridges would be wise to be particularly alert.

As complacent as we have become due to the lack of terrorist activity within the US in the four years since September 11, we as a society are leaving ourselves open to another attack. Governmental agencies "get it" -they appreciate the danger, and are doing what they can to forestall a new attack, but they can't be everywhere, and they can't see and hear everything. Law enforcement and Homeland Security need the help of ordinary citizens. Keep your eyes and ears open and report suspicious activity! Your vigilance could save hundreds, even thousands of lives.

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