Saturday, June 18, 2005


Anyone who reads any of the milblogs, or even carefully reads the military reporting in the MSM (after getting past the emotionally loaded wording and editorializing disguised as news), understands that the good guys are winning in Iraq. Those who don't understand what's going on (and those who don't want to understand) are spinning the stories of offensive operations like Matador, Spear and Dagger as desperation on the part of the US and Iraqi military. They are trying to do in Iraq what they did in Vietnam -- make the United States give up by convincing the public that we are pouring blood and treasure down a rathole.

The Bush Administration is doing a lousy job of counteracting the naysayers -- they all sound like they're on the defensive all the time -- making excuses for doing the right thing. If we are to win this war on transnational Islamofascist terrorists, we must stay focused, and the Bushies aren't doing what it takes to remind the American people what's at stake.

Wretchard at Belmont Club has got it right:
What we are witnessing is a race between the force-generation capabilities of two sides. Materially speaking, the enemy is bound to lose. Al Qaeda is openly rushing every available fighter into Iraq. But millions of Iraqis Sunnis, Kurds and Shi'ites who have no intention of being resubjugated, fueled by the oil wealth of Iraq can be counted on to resist them, supported by the most deadly military force in the world. On the face of it the enemy cause would be lost. But in the matter of the will to win the outcome becomes more doubtful. Iraq has become the recruiting focus of a generation of Islamists and Leftists while the United States public has won itself enough temporary safety to forget the dangers of September 11. The enemy's hunger -- almost desperation for victory -- stands in symbolic contrast to the desire among many Americans to close Gitmo. The war in Iraq has bought American homeland security in the most unexpected of ways. The enemy has learned to refrain from awakening the US giant, the better to defeat him in his sleep.

Read the whole thing. Don't forget to read the comments!

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