Saturday, May 07, 2005

Deadly Pies? 

Recent discussion at PowerLine Blog and elsewhere about how Ann Coulter is often treated when she speaks at colleges and universities reminded me that she was attacked by a pie-thrower a while back. At the time I kind of chuckled about the pie assaults on Coulter and others, but upon reflection, it isn't funny at all.

In these times of global terrorism, not always of the Islamofascist stripe, it's all too easy to obtain the recipes for building nuclear bombs, improvised explosive devices, illegal drugs and poisons from the Internet and elsewhere. Imagine if someone were to lace one of those pies with, say, ricin. I daresay that the victim of the pie assault would not die laughing.

If I were in charge of security at the event where the pie assault occurred, or if I were a bodyguard for the victim, I would take a pie in the face very seriously, indeed. In fact, I might, under some circumstances, be inclined to use deadly force to prevent the pie thrower from completing his or her mission. I hope it never comes to that, but folks, stranger things have happened, and what passes for political discourse these days went over the top a long time ago.

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