Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dean's At It Again 

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said in Toronto on March 19 that the Democrats lost to "brain dead" Republicans in 2004. This should be kept in mind the next time Democrats talk about "bipartisanship" and "willingness to work with" the Republicans in Congress and the White House.

Even allowing that the DNC Chairman is the party's cheerleader, and is expected to indulge in red meat rhetoric, this seems extreme to me. If the Dems want to reverse their recent political losses, they can't base their campaigns on hating the Republicans. They've got to come up with new ideas to solve the problems facing the nation, and they've got to deliver those ideas in a positive way. So far, they're only talking about the delivery -- new ideas are nowhere to be seen. Especially, the Dems have to develop credibility on national security issues, which they haven't had much of since Scoop Jackson died.

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