Friday, June 25, 2004

Gore's Role -- Crazy Like a Fox? 

Like many others, I believed that Al Gore had lost it after his "Bush betrayed us" speech. But now, after what, four(?) blistering anti-Bush speeches in the last few weeks, I am coming to believe that Gore has assumed the attack dog role (or has been assigned it by the DNC). By raving like the mad newsman Howard Beale in the 1976 movie "Network", Gore can make Kerry's pronouncements seem sane and even prudent by comparison.

Let's face it -- Gore's political career has nowhere to go but down, and he knows it. With Hillary in the wings and attractive young Dems like John Edwards gaining visibility, Gore has no chance of scoring another Presidential bid. But he still hates Bush -- he still believes the Supreme Court stole the election from him. So Gore probably figures he has nothing to lose and by making over-the-top attacks he can gain personal revenge against Bush while helping his party regain the White House. Maybe he hopes Kerry will reward him with a Cabinet post -- perhaps Interior since Gore's such an environmentalist -- or at least an ambassadorship or something similar that will confer the mantle of respected elder statesman, so he can end his career with some dignity.

I don't think Gore's rantings will win any votes for Kerry that aren't already there, but they might keep the red-meat crowd engaged -- perhaps engaged enough that they won't vote for Nader.

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