Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Free Speech in France -- Not! 

Here's an excerpt from John Derbyshire's column at National Review Online:

France outlaws discussion of Islam. At least we can still talk about Islam. An e-acquaintance who lives in France tells me that over there things are now at the point where you can get into trouble just for mentioning the fact that Muslims are ever any kind of a problem. Synagogue burnings — a pretty regular occurrence in France — are routinely blamed on "right wing neo-Nazi white males," he tells me. In fact the perpetrators are extremist Muslim Algerian Arabs. French people all know this, but have to pretend not to.

Then he writes:

On the TV news of Wednesday night, they presented a conference about 'hate speech' on the Internet. They took as example the police in action against a 'hate web site.' The only thing I could read on the web page they were showing was "...against the Islamization of Europe..." Indeed, according to the law, to be against the Islamization of Europe is racism... and forbidden. France not only doesn't recognize there is a war, it forbids by law to say there is a war...(emphasis added)

This is Orwellian -- if you can't talk about something, you can't do anything about it. Political paralysis on the issue of Islamization is guaranteed. If this is true, France, and probably Europe, will be governed by Shari'a within a generation. More timely, if this is true, why should we consider France to be an ally against Islamofascist terrorism, or at all?

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