Thursday, January 15, 2004

Big Media's Love Affair with Castro 

Jay Nordlinger talks once again of the plight of anti-Castro Cuban Oscar Biscet in today's Impromptus at National Review Online. Biscet is close to death, having been a political prisoner for years. Excerpt:
If the likes of 60 Minutes and the New York Times got interested in Biscet, they could save him. Castro would move. But because no one is shouting — no one with a sufficient megaphone — Castro imprisons and tortures at will. If our media are at all interested in Cuba, it's to perfume the dictator, revile the Cuban-Americans, or bash U.S. policy (which, of course, they misunderstand).

Yesterday, I was talking with a veteran Cuba hand. He said that Castro's habit is to allow his prisoners to get desperately sick, in some dungeon, and then release them. They die not long after, but not in prison. And they are promptly forgotten, except by their loved ones and the "crazies" in Miami.
Why is it that Castro, in the light of tons of evidence that he is a ruthless dictator and oppressor of the Cuban people, is given a free pass by the mainstream media in this country? Just another indication, I suppose, of the left-leaning groupthink in America's media establishment.

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