Thursday, December 18, 2003

More on Dean 

This Washington Post item suggests that Howard Dean's tendency to shoot from the hip is costing him support.

As for myself, the more I learn about this guy, the scarier I think he is. He always explains away his verbal gaffes, but in my (age 50+) experience remarks that come out spontaneously and unguardedly are a lot more likely to represent the true feelings of the speaker than those made after criticism and consultation with image consultants.

Another thing about Dean: I've seen film clips of him spewing red-meat oratory to the faithful masses. Setting aside the content of the speech, the image that immediately popped into my mind was the old film clips of Adolf Hitler speaking to the Nazis before he became Chancellor. Now, I'm not saying Dean's policies are anything like Hitler's, but his oratorical style is certainly similar. Dean exhibits the same anger, the same passion, the same inflammatory gestures and facial expressions.

I don't want this guy to be President, and I think it will be bad for the Democratic Party if they nominate him.

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