Thursday, September 18, 2003

Welcome to Out of the Race! 

I am an at-home dad, retired from two successful careers, first as an engineer and then as a lawyer. Being retired, I am no longer a participant in the rat race, hence the title of this blog and my nom de blog, ExRat. My purpose here is to provide an outlet for my comments, rants, attempts at humor, and whatever else I damn well please. I expect this will be a boon to my dear wife, who has patiently (mostly) listened to whatever I have to say for many years. I hope it will also be entertaining and thought-provoking to visitors.

This is my first endeavor at writing for recreation. I will not be anywhere near as prolific as Glenn Reynolds, nor as passionate as Charles Johnson, nor as analytical as Steven Den Beste, nor as good a writer as Lileks (could anybody be all of those things?) but with practice I hope to get better in all of those areas.

Let's see where this thing takes us!

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